Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A proper timepiece makes all the difference

After losing 60lbs and getting back to "fit Dutch", I've worked more on clothing and accessories that reflect me and my personality.  As a former Army Ranger, triathlete, power lifter, body builder and competitive 3 gun shooter and archer, I struggle to find jewelry that not only match me and my personal style but can survive my active, rugged lifestyle too.

I've found that watches are the one thing that a man can add to his ensemble that quickly makes a statement . The Italians call it "sprezzatura"...a brash style. A large, attractive, well built, luxury watch, matched with a great outfit is the human equivalent of driving up in a Ferrari. It's bold. It's ostentatious and it's going to get you noticed. 

That sums up EVERY watch that the S-Force Brand makes. They have six different collections ranging from everyday wearers to timepieces that belong on the red carpet. The watches are in the 50mm size and they are sure to grab attention no matter where you are.

I went with the "Adonis", a stunning dual time, calendar, chronograph. Because of my smaller wrists I decided to get it in the new 43mm size option. This watch is built like a tank, has great weight and rugged good looks that fit in on the gun range, gym, with every day clothes AND with a suit. It has Swiss movement, luminous markers and hands, steel case, sapphire crystals and one of my favorite features...a beefy crown guard to prevent “watch bite”.

And the company’s vision for their watches? “We believe in the raw power of the human spirit. All of us have a strength that will not be defeated. You need a worthy companion to guide you, a timepiece every bit as unstoppable as you”. Ya, this watch is PERFECT FOR ME!

Want to get one for yourself or choose from a host of other wicked styles and designs?! Click the link “http://bit.ly/2PnvgJS“, or hit their site and enter “Dutch10” at checkout. You won’t be disappointed. Their timepieces are just badass. And did you see on the watch face? “Strength overcomes”...indeed, indeed it does! And. What do you think? Should I stay with the 43mm or go up to to 50mm?! Inquiring minds wanna know.

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