Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Invest in yourself!

Now I remember, if I cut out sleep I can get SO much more done! Solid 2 hour lift session... I won't be able to touch my nose tomorrow but it felt great to smash my bags in the gym. LOL It's funny, I was having a chat with a dear friend about "not being able to find time to train/be fit" crap. There are 24 hours in the day. You HAVE to realize that a healthier/fitter you means you will enjoy life more and LONGER.

Your health and fitness is not a selfish pursuit at all. It's an investment that you make to ensure you'll be around to not only enjoy life longer but also be there for your loved ones longer. We have got to get over this guilt trip, ESPECIALLY given to mothers, about getting to the gym or training to be in shape. Do you want to be that elderly person that's heavy, using a walker or in a wheelchair, fighting poor health?! Then make INVESTMENTS now in what you eat and your activity to NOT be that person. Sure it gets more difficult the older we get. Hell, 20 somethings have to do little to shed body fat and be you get older you have to WORK to get there.

I get my chops busted all the time that I'm never happy about my fitness level/body. Duh, continually raising the bar and never settling is how I stay motivated!!! I'm about 20lbs heavier than my "ideal Ironman race weight". "Ideal" established by me but I have to admit I'm liking being a little bit bigger than normal. I will say that while it might look good in the mirror, I feel every extra pound with each step during the run or every pedal turn up a hill on the bike. An Ironman triathlete's body looks/performs different than any other athlete. Muscle stretched over bone with little body fat is key and I'll be back there soon. The fact that I'm working every day to get there is the key. Remember to invest in yourself!!!