Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Jay Lyons 5k, two races in three weeks...I'm on a roll!

The Jay Lyons 5k...the race that started me back into running some 8 years ago after I decided to quit being a fat guy. Well, why not make sure I do it as a hip surgery recovering/fluffy guy now too?! In honor of a fallen firefighter of a terrible warehouse fire 17 years ago, the day started out cold and rainy and miserable...and then right before the race started the rain went away and the sun came out. So weird and yet so cool.

I'm rusty at racing (um, ya think?!) so I figured the best thing to do would be to seed myself toward the back and then just take each mile as it came. The race normally has close to 1000 runners but since there was another 5k for a recently killed in the line of duty police officer, today's race only had about 500 people. No big, start at the back, use the crowd to keep me from trying to get out and run fast (this is my only my second race after getting cleared to run on the 2nd of April and while I want to run all out I don't have the fitness level for it) and see how it goes

Ya, that face kinda says it ALL!
I had forgotten the course had a short hill kicker at the start before flattening out and then turning down hill/flat. The thought was to try and dig in and then use the down hill/flat to settle into a decent pace...but it felt like the my first mile was slow as molasses. A quick glance down to the Polar v800 showed it did it in 7:59...ok, no more looking at my watch for the rest of the race! There's another hill at around the 1.3 mile mark that stretches slowly higher with a short false flat up to the 2.4 mile mark. This hill would normally be where I bear down and start chewing people and gaining places. Well this year that hill made me one of the folks getting past. Yes, I know it is ridiculous to think I'd have any run conditioning (or speed) when only having been back to running for 3 weeks...but man it is a whole new world to be struggling and struggling on a course I normally run around 20 minutes on. I will say that it's a different perspective to worry about seeing how I feel and finishing versus my usual of trying to get a podium. But, but,'s all about learning (or relearning) and building back my level of fitness and "race intelligence".

I made the right at the top of the hill, where it flattens out a bit and I thought my lungs would explode. I actually yelled at myself "what are you doing?!, to push this hard with NO mileage in your legs, or speed, is just stupid". That is a FAR cry from what I'm normally yelling at myself...I made the right for the sloping downhill for the finish and was happy to cross it. Second race in a row that I was so happy that I crossed the finish line I was just kind of out of it. Well, it's all about getting miles in my legs. And, and, and...I even treated myself to a beer after!

I know this going to be a long slog to get back to my level of racing and more importantly the level of fitness I want and expect from myself but I have to realize its going to take time. And, and, and. humble me and teach me a whole new level of patience. I'm not happy about it. I actually dread it. But I know in the long run, the fact that I'm pain free post surgery I can hopefully be even better than I was. We'll see.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'll show you sleep monster

For some reason over the last few weeks I've just been exhausted. I have absolutely no idea why either. I'm eating (and I'm making myself eat more since I have a tendency to not eat enough) and I'm sleeping at night, it's just so weird.

But, but, but...I came home from a long day of work and figured I'd take the bull by the horns. I forced myself to take an hour nap, made some dinner and then hit the gym for a run. Because you know, a workout makes everything better.

A bonus was finding yet another old fave tank top. I didn't even know I still had it after all these years (um, 22 to be exact! I dug a bag out of my storage unit that was filled with old tees and tanks from my Army days). I really have to start wearing a foot pod on my HRM when I run on the treadmill because I ran more than that. I was actually pretty happy that I was running about an 8:15 pace for the 40mins. I'm kind of blown away that, post surgery and this being the longest I've run now on like 9 months the hip feels great. I'm excited to keep logging miles. NOW I can go to sleep.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Oh ya, bricks

The day did not go to plan but at
least I got a solid workout in. I wanted to do a brick workout today  to see how the hip (and me) would hold up to some real exercise. So a solid 21 miles on the bike and then over to the treadmill for a 2mi run (I guess I need to wear a foot pod because that that distance is wrong from just the watch) while watching Ironman coverage.

But Dutch you say, it was a beautiful day in MA, why didn't you train outside? Ah, because in the gym I can "control" my environment and since I'm just getting into the build phase of training, inside workouts keep me from overdoing it or going all out and running the risk of hurting myself or suffering a setback. And let's be honest right now, my psyche is a little to fragile to deal with anything that would derail my training.

Friday, April 21, 2017

I got bigger

Because sometimes when you wear one of your old tanktops as a "motivation" shirt (I can't believe I found it after all this time!) under your workout tee...and you're fueled by Widstrong's Oro Extreme pre-workout (this stuff makes me want to lift Buicks) blast through a 90 minute heavy lift session and burn 900 calories. Sweet baby Jesus what a great workout!

Oh by the way, with all the time off from running/cycling/swimming...I think I've gotten a lil bigger. I know this extra weight is gonna kill me come tri season but it's kinda nice now. I mean my usual clothes don't fit but I can feel my size when I walk around now. Not to mention everyone I know has laid off the "you're too thin" comments and keep telling me I look "jacked". Now I just need to find a way to keep this muscle and just shred down...while getting my speed in the pool and on the road back. Well, at least I have a new goal.

Monday, April 17, 2017

It seems like forever ago...

"Marathon Monday"... a term every serious runner knows about. That's the day the crown jewel of marathons is run...Boston. Anyone who's a "marathoner" wants to run Boston. The oldest of the marathons and the only one you have to run a qualifying time for (and even then you might not get in since SO many people are trying to qualify).

I've always wanted to run Boston and after living here in Massachusetts and going to watching it run by my place of work every year, I finally decided to go for it back in 2011. The training and the race did not go to plan (go back through my blog for the race recap) and while I said that would be my 14th and last marathon (I've run 3 more since) and honestly that run distance has been what's kept me from doing a "full" Ironman race, there has always been a feeling of unfinished business. Not to mention I train on parts of the course every time I go for a run. I wish all my friends running the best of luck today and realize now that I have at least 2 more marathons left in to qualify and then another at Boston...and then I quit...I swear... 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

On the run again...

Yes, I run/raced for the first time in a year on Sunday.

Yes I took yesterday as a recovery day.

Yes I've been walking around like a newborn calf on sore legs and yes today is the second longest distance I've run in a year...but, but, but, it was 85 and sunny in Massachusetts so I just HAD to go for a run!!! There is no doubt that my running cardio shape is gone, as is any type of running speed. I hope that they will both come back relatively quickly (fingers crossed but since its been over a year and I'm 20lbs...this is going to tax my patience) but it felt great to get out and RUN! Soreness in my quads and glutes from Sunday's effort but NO hip pain at all. NONE...AT...ALL! My surgeon is THE MAN!!! Ya, I am indeed happy boy

Thursday, April 6, 2017

No rest for the fluffy...

Well, I stumbled across this new preworkout by Widstrong called "Oro Extreme" and  it's..tha..heat!!! Trust me, take this and you'll be tearing down the walls to go train. 

I want to test the hip so I why not do a brick? Right? Right! A solid bike getting in 20 miles (I'm gonna have to work to get a faster turnover and get that speed back up) and then onto the treadmill for a 15min run. It almost felt like the good old days...almost. No, no speed there but I am starting from ground zero post surgery and it's great to just be running again! Of course I get cleared and it's been nothing but snow or rain here but I'm chomping at the bit for an outdoor run. I can't even begin to describe mentally how much better I feel now that I can run again...and with NO pain whatsoever. Yes!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Feeling better..who knew?

Working off those "vanilla nut taps" (if you know, you know), bwahahaha.

What a difference a couple weeks make. I couldn't have been more frustrated while in the "recovery mode" post surgery but after running again it's like my whole outlook has changed. Yes I woke up this morning very sore (sore, no pain) stumbling around like a newborn calf...but I feel great! Talk about happy to be sore. I kew I was going to have to deal with running muscle atrophy and my body didn't disappoint.

Had to get back in the gym, but I just focused on an upper body lift session to give my legs a break. Great lift and then run again tomorrow. Woohoo