Saturday, December 31, 2016

That moment you realize you can have resistance on the bike

Post surgery, its all about the little wins. I realized now that I'm off crutches I can actually put resistance on the bike for a workout. Granted it won't be a lot yet, I'll have to work my way back up slowly over time and based on pain level, but ANYTHING is better than spinning on a "1" thus far.

Now I can actually focus on getting some strength back in my legs, work on developing turnover/speed AND building up my once award-winning legs again. Hahaha!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Baby steps...

At this point I'm just trying to slowly (no really, I am) work myself back into the gym and the training routine.

An solid hour on the bike followed by medicine ball throws and standing wall ball throws. Nice to have the place all to myself. Since I can't do anything that puts weight/stress on the hip joint I have to to seated/machine lifting or standing (no bend at the waist) medicaine ball work...but, but, BUT, no more crutches!!! I at least look like a normal fluffy cat waling around the gym.

Now to get back into beast mode...

There's a "back in the saddle" reference here somwhere...

Late night bike ride for some cardio/hip rehab...check! I really don't have words for how much I truly working out late at night. It's always been kind of "my thing" and it feels great to be getting back into "my" groove.

Not gonna lie, my hip/leg was a lil gassed after that swim and aqua rehab session. Nice to sit and get some pedal time in. Bonus the gym is empty. And, and, and...I can ditch the crutches on Friday. YASSSSSSS

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Believe it or not, I was actually looking forward to getting back in the water

The last couple weeks of my recovery has had some ups and down. I knew it wasn't going to be smooth sailing but I was actually excited to be able to get back in the water. Why? Because I'm neutrally buoyant (helpful with my more fluffy than normal bod) and I can only "pull" which plays to my upper body strength.

So my steri-strips finally fell off after getting my stitches taken out...and that means I could break my long hiatus from the water. I'm no Aquaman nor am I a great swimmer but I'm decent in the water and I've been out of it for way too long. Hopping in today I couldn't have felt more comfortable. It felt GREAT to be back in the pool. Since I can't kick or engage my hips  needed to focus on pulling to get the laps in. 300m opener pull and then 9 sets of 100m pull, 50m aqua jog, 50m sidestep walking (both part of the rehab and dare I say, were comfortable to do in the water). I'm tired...but it's a great tired!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Maybe this is gonna work out afterall...

Look at this, not the guy walking by that photobombed me...but me!

A solid hour on the bike today and the hip feels pretty darn good. At this pint I can't have any resistance but its nice to be able to do something  and burn some calories while getting blood flow and movement in the hip for rehab while NOT suffering any strain or pain.

Kinda funny, the guy beside me on the bike asked me what I was recovering from and then asked if I've had any other injuries or surgeries...I recapped all of my injuries and surgeries over the years...and the look of horror on his face as I rattled off the list was hilarious. Then he asked me my age. I kind of forget how old and beat up I am. Hahaha Well, it's always about focusing on dong what you can and moving forward.

Friday, December 23, 2016

I freaked out a little, but I got better...

I'm not gonna lie, after the doc freaked out (at my follow up appointment to take out my stitches) about how much I was already doing...and that I was off crutches...I kinda lost my mind.

The thought of any more setbacks after the last 3 years...of set back after setback...was just devastating. Especially if another setback was caused by me doing too much. Of course, as is my MO, I went in the opposite direction and spent the next week only on crutches or laying down and being inactive. I spent the whole time worried that I've caused some damage and that I might not ever be able to get back to being "me" again. But, the doc did say that if I wasn't in pain and could do what I was doing...then I must not have hurt myself or undone any of the surgery repairs. I just couldn't do the be afraid thing anymore.  So today was 45mins on the bike (no resistance...I hate that) and then a 45min heavy lift, only with seated machines in order to not put any stress on the hip. Ya, I feel better.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

And one step back...

Day 16 post surgery - back on crutches and taking antibiotics because the suture sites got infected.

So the follow up with the doc to get my stitches taken out didn't go so well. Taking out those stitches was fun (no, NO it wasn't). And, and, and, you should've seen the look of horror on the doc's face when I explained what I was already doing. I was so proud of myself for ebing off crutches and being in the gym...but it seems 4 weeks on crutches is non-negotiable given the bone repair/surgery I had and I was doing too much in the gym and on the bike already.

 Ooph. Just feels like two steps forward, one step back...literally. So much for being ahead of the curve.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Just gotta keep building

Day 5 post surgery...stopped taking pain meds, 45mins on the bike followed by pull up/dip sets to failure. There's lots I can't do because of the surgery but the key is to focus on what I CAN do. Looks like there'll be lots of seated and machine assisted weight lifting in my future. Now to keep building on this...everyday

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time to get back to it!

Day 4 post surgery...get on your crutches and get your butt to the gym. I got clear guidance from the doc...recover/rest and then get on the bike on Tuesday. Yes sir! 35mins on the bike felt good...dare I even say great. Other than the fact I'm black and blue from mid-calf to mid-chest, and I'm swole up like a tick (this post surgery, painkiller stomach bloat is killing me)...I seem to be recovering pretty well. Now to do this again tomorrow.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Finally repaired, now on to recovery and getting back to being me

Well, a lil over 2 hours of surgery, femoral-pelvis repair/reshaping/resurfacing, labrum repair and I'm all done. The surgeon said he was happy with what he saw when he opened me up and with the surgery he doesn't see any issue with me getting back to Ironman training and racing...after a proper recovery of course. That's really exciting. I hadn't said anything before but we were concerned my Ironman racing might be over. I've got so much left to do and so many more races I want to do that I'm ecstatic that it's back on the table. He also got a kick out of the fact that I labeled my legs before showing up. Hahaha. It's all about having fun and a positive attitude no matter what you're doing. Is it wrong that I was excited to see my name on the hospital tracking board like in an episode of "House"?! Bwahahaha And, and, and he told me I can get on the bike on Tuesday. Sweet!!! Now, the rebuilding begins 

I just wanna make sure

Dear doctor...I know you're wicked smart with your medical training and all...but make sure during my surgery today, you work on the CORRECT leg. I only need to recover once. Hopefully the surgical staff will at least get a chuckle