Monday, August 28, 2017

Keep trying

The advantage of having a fitness trail at my work means I not only get some nice views, but have places in case I have to "bail out". And since I need to ease back into running, the 1 1/4 mi loop is just the ticket. An easy 5k trail run. I can't even begin to explain how frustrating it is to start back at square one...again. But there's nothing else to do but keep trying.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Learning all over again know...humbling yourself in all environments is good for the soul. Or so I tell myself. The water is no joke. Just pushing hard is gonna get you nowhere. Not to mention, it's a whole different way to fire up/strengthen my hip. 300m opener followed by 5 sets of: 100 free, 50 pull, 50 kick and then 100 side straddle steps each side to workout the hip/pelvic muscles). Ya, I'm smoked. But, my hip feels good (but sore) and my guts feel good too. Not a bad day

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ah, the ER...

Well hello Tuesday. Not the way I was expecting to spend the day. Well, at least I have my buddy Bryan who is my attending doc. Maybe he'll read me Triathlete magazine while I wait for my CT scan

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cycling = solace

Je trouve la réconfort sur le vélo (I always find solace on the bike)'s funny, it dawned on me while riding today that some 30 years ago (ya, don't even get me started that I can start a sentence with "some 30 years ago") around this time I got my first "real" bike. It was a Giant RS940 in neon pink (what?! It was the 80s!) and I went from being the kid that barely held on with the local club rides (I was riding my dad's 70's era commuter Peugeot) to the kid that was always off the front and a club racer. With dreams of being the next Laurent Fignon or Greg LeMond, I'd log hundreds of miles a week...just me and my bike. I discovered the joy and the freedom the bicycle can give. It's always been a calming effect in my life. No matter how bad things get, if I can get wheels on the road and go ride, life just seems so much more dealable.

I've been fighting through health issues for a while now. They've taken a toll on me physically and even more importantly mentally. Another doc, another potential fix...we'll see. But, I get on the bike and forget all about it. It's funny, the Army taught me to run, triathlon made me learn to swim...but if I had a nickel for every time during a run race or in the water I've said to myself "if I can just get through this, I'm never gonna do this again" I'd be RICH...but I've never said that on the bike. I run, I swim, I lift but I AM a cyclist. That 25 miles Today didn't make everything go away, but it certainly made things a little better.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Maybe a little more difficult than I thought

I have an idea for Polar for a new campaign. I think they should go with #wheredoesyourhearttakeyou. Polar products can now be used for almost every sport and training and heart rate/recovery are the key to any athletes' success. Right? Right?! I call it. Well, after getting motivated by watching the Tour and it being a beautiful Sunday here in MA, my heart was into taking a ride. I felt great the first hour, keeping a comfortable 19-20mph pace and thought "why not throw in hills the next hour"? Oh what a terrible idea that was. First time I've spent 2hrs in the saddle in over a year...oh my you could heard me pop from miles away. Completely smashed my bags and made it back home on vapors. That repaired hip isn't too happy which I'm hoping to attribute to the first hard climbing since the surgery. But a hard training ride done! Somebody asked me about selfies. Ya, that bike and gear are way sexier than I could ever be.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Vive la France

I mean with today's Tour stage, it being Bastille Day...and more importantly, needing to burn off that awesome lunch, I had to take the Cervélo S5 out for a quick 20 miler. 800cals burned and another training session in the bag. Ya, I could get accustomed to this air and these views

Monday, July 10, 2017

Enjoy the locations too

Sometimes it's less about getting in a it is about WHERE you get in a ride. A great hour with views like this. I may never go back to work.