Friday, December 2, 2016

Finally repaired, now on to recovery and getting back to being me

Well, a lil over 2 hours of surgery, femoral-pelvis repair/reshaping/resurfacing, labrum repair and I'm all done. The surgeon said he was happy with what he saw when he opened me up and with the surgery he doesn't see any issue with me getting back to Ironman training and racing...after a proper recovery of course. That's really exciting. I hadn't said anything before but we were concerned my Ironman racing might be over. I've got so much left to do and so many more races I want to do that I'm ecstatic that it's back on the table. He also got a kick out of the fact that I labeled my legs before showing up. Hahaha. It's all about having fun and a positive attitude no matter what you're doing. Is it wrong that I was excited to see my name on the hospital tracking board like in an episode of "House"?! Bwahahaha And, and, and he told me I can get on the bike on Tuesday. Sweet!!! Now, the rebuilding begins 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sometimes the best thing you can do is go workout.

It's been a tough few days. The day in day out grind of work, life and now dealing with post election fallout. No, not my issues...but my "friends" who have now decided that since I differ with them in their political views (and anyone else who differs with them) are not worthy of their friendship. Oh the things that make people show their TRUE colors.

The words of a former platoon sergeant of mine have kind of resonated in my head "...bad day? Go do PT. PT makes everything better!". Well, ain't that the absolute truth?! So I headed off for some gym time. I buried myself on the bike while capturing some thoughts in writing (well, typing away on my phone anyway). 65 minutes, 21 miles and 896 calories later I'm gassed but feeling lots better. Ya, training does indeed make everything better. Be good to yourself and more importantly be good to your friends, friends.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

You have to build on the little wins

Forgive me training gods for I have's been 3 days since my last workout. For some reason it seems that I just can't seem to string a day together where I get work, sketching, range time, and gym all done but you gotta keep trying right?!

One good take away from tonight's workout is that my hip can deal with a 55min bike ride with little to no pain. It's not optimal and not as fulfilling as running but at least it means I can get solid cardio in now while my hip surgery date draws near. I can't wait to be able to go for a long relaxing run again. Can't wait I tell you! I also got long sets of battle ropes and medicine ball throws to finish up. Now I feel a little better.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Operation bag smash...

Because some wanna go in the gym and just work out as hard as you can...pushing you to your the point of making yourself throw up from exertion. Honestly...I thought I would've burned more calories before the nausea set in. haha

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fight through it

That moment when you realize you had to drag yourself to the gym and hated every minute being had no desire to grab weights, train, or even stay at the gym...but then you look around to see that you're the only one left, your bags are smashed and you added big weight to all your lifts...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Well, at least I can swim.

Supposedly, you're buoyant in the didn't feel that way tonight. That mile (200m opener and close with alternating 100pull/100kick sets) swim was no fun at all. But since the doc said the only thing I can do until surgery is swim, lift (waist up and knees down) and yoga...I'm expecting to spend LOTS more time in the water. It's gonna get better right? Right?! Ugh

Monday, August 15, 2016

When the doctor tells you he can't believe you're even walking...

So I've been suffering from hip pain for a while but chalked it up to the on again off again run training I've been doing or just the fact that the wear and tear on my body was finally becoming apparent. But the other day, after a 30 mile bike ride, when I couldn't get my leg over the bike to dismount..I figured there was something wrong.

So I went to the doc, who agreed, who then sent me for and MRI...which revealed I am pretty banged up. So much so that he actually looked at me open-eyed and said "I don't even understand how you're even walking right now". UGH. Then, when I said what if I quit running and he responds with "no matter what, you need surgery".

So this is the skinny: as I've been suffering from hip pain for a couple years and it wasn't getting better AND now that I'm trying to get back to real training and the pain was getting way worse, the doc scheduled an MRI. The results came back and I have a torn labrum, severe femur/pelvis bone edema and a misshapen femoral head due to extended impact. 

Seems the crash back at Timberman and the resulting hip pain wasn't from a modified body position on the rest of the 47mi bike and 13.1 mi was because I hit so hard that I punched the head of the femur through the labrum. Sure there was a huge cantaloupe-sized edema on the hip but I was way more focused on the rib pain and trying to breathe and finish the race to notice at the time. Then I spent the next 2 years continually banging it up, spending the day after races in bed to recover because the pain was so bad or even abandoning races all together because I couldn't physically continue (if you know know it must've been bad for me to stop).

This is just the cap of a very frustrating last couple years. I went from being at my peak, racing 20+ races a year and ending up on podiums to a string of setbacks: injured, flu, emergency appendectomy/recovery, flu, lung infection, the heart rate spikes, the gut stuff and now this. And just to be clear, I was not trying to be a hard ass and fight through it. If I had ANY inclination that I was really injured, I would've had it taken care of right away! Honestly, I'm just gutted. The thought of not only ANOTHER surgery but the 4 month (or longer) recovery, hopefully coming back to 100% and then starting back at square one with training again is a little daunting. Maybe I'll just focus on becoming a better swimmer or look into becoming a wheelchair athlete. I am working on a huge list of movies to watch/re-watch. Now pondering a path forward...