Friday, September 9, 2011

Allow myself to introduce myself...

Its funny that I get questions from alot of folks about "who I am" or what I think of myself or my favorite, "you seem like an interesting person". Not the least of which come when people, who only know me through social media, meet me in person. So here's a snapshot from a "25 things about yourself" that circled around my group of friends a while back. I'll do a write up of "my story" for the blog and throw in some pics for comedic relief.

1) I desperately wanted to be the cool kid in school but beyond the fact that I was a dork it was near impossible to get away with anything when my mom was a teacher in my high school and my dad was a cop in our town.When I look in the mirror I still see that dork kid.

2) The saddest day of my life was when the doctors told me that due to injury my career as an Airborne Ranger was over. I'm upset I never had the chance to lead men in combat nor did I get to leave the Army on my terms. I miss it every day.

3) I've had broken bones, surgeries, spinal meningitis, kidney stones, a broken back and pelvis before the age of 28. I figure the rest of my life should be smooth sailing. I'll sound like rice crispies but hopefully injury free.

4) I am a firm believer in the mantra of "that which does not kill us makes us stronger". Everything in our life, good or bad, helps us become the person we are. I truly believe that suffering makes you a better person.

5) Every year I treat the Tour de France like its the second coming. That's all that's playing on all the TV's in my house, its on the web and I get updates non-stop. I'm fanatical about it. I even take days off from work to watch the certain stages live (L'Alpe D'Huez is a must). I saw the Tour pass near my mother's hometown of Gaillac France in '86 and have been hooked ever since.

6) I have very few happy childhood memories but one of my fondest is my French uncle (a bear of a man) sneaking me out of his house so we could eat Lion-O chocolate bars and drink Orangina in his beautiful garden outside paris. I just thought that was the coolest thing.

7) I have 2 speeds, 100mph and 0mph. Unfortunately after all this time I've never found a speed in the middle. It has been a great cause of difficulty for me and most of the people in my life.

8) At any given time I have a thousand TV's in my head all tuned to different channels that I am indeed watching. And you wonder why I always look pre-occupied!

9) I care for my friends and family to a fault. If you're "in the circle", call me at 3 a.m. and say you need me to be there, I'm on the next plane no questions asked. I do however expect the same out of them but have been disappointed most of my life.

10) I believe like and respect can be mutually exclusive. I known plenty of people I've disliked but that doesn't mean they're not the best at their given profession.

11) I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I like you you'll know and if I don't like you, you'll definitely know that. Life is too short to put up with hidden agendas or BS. Either say what you mean or get out.

12) I love a good discussion. To sit down and have an in depth conversation with anyone is one of the best things ever. I don't care if its Schroedinger's Cat or Who's the best Bond (Connery of course!).

13) I know the craziest stuff. Wanna know who's voice is on that commercial on TV or when was the first time "x" actor was on screen? I'm your guy. However, I couldn't tell you what the inverse log of 10 was if my life depended on it. I have come to realize I have no say in what knowledge my brain retains.

14) For some reason I always feel I have something to prove and everything is a contest. I know its a terrible way to go through life and its caused more than one injury over time (see #3). That's probably driven by the fact that I grew up with a father that used to tell me "no matter how good you are there is always somebody better". I have to be the best at everything and if I can't be then I debate with myself over whether to do it all.

15) I fear death. I've seen it up close, on too many occasions and know that there are too many things I have left to do that I don't have time to die right now.

16) I have an unhealthy obsession with technology. If its a new bell or whistle I have to read/know all about it and then must have it for myself. When they find a way to install hard drives in our head and replace all our joints and muscles with nano composites, I'll be the first in line for the surgery.

17) I am constantly amazed by the human race. I find it very hard to believe that we possessed the skill to crawl out of the primordial ooze and evolve into what we've become. Or the fact that all it takes is for you to look around and see most of us haven't evolved at all.

18) I get sick to my stomach and moved to tears any time I hear "Taps" played.

19) I realized that after deep introspection that I'm an obsessive compulsive, narcissistic sociopath with low self esteem, approval issues and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Yes, ladies I am a catch!

20) I love comic books and in particular Iron Man. When you were a dork kid without a lot of friends, comic books were a great way to escape and be anyone. I, in particular, idolized Tony Stark and Iron Man. What kid doesn't want to grow up to be a genius billionaire playboy who was also a super hero. Yeah he's an alcoholic but that's a small price to pay. I know practically EVERYTHING about Iron Man and own almost every comic book. Whatever, its my one vice.

21) Learned in college that drinking and I don't agree. Its not that I don't like it, its just that I get in trouble. I'm a huge fan of Double Black Jack and Hose Cuervo but they've gotten me into more than enough trouble. I have the bone chips and scars to prove it.

22) I hate my birthday, Christmas and almost all holidays. I do however LOVE Thanksgiving and would be happy to spend all day cooking, making the turkey and enjoying the meal with family and friends.

23) I could spend all day in a movie theater watching movies. I have skipped out on class and work to do so, paying for the first show of the day and then spending the rest of the day sneaking into movie after movie. There's just something awesome about the lights going dark and getting lost in a great story for a couple of hours.

24) After leaving the Army I got up to 245 pounds on a diet of Coca-Cola, McDonalds and cigarettes. Yeah, there's ONE of fat me that exists. I've never been so ashamed or embarrassed.When I look in the mirror I still see that guy.

25) Every time I fly to Atlanta I always take time and drive out to Covington (the place I consider my hometown). I have no family left there (and until Facebook had no idea that any of my friends were there) but I drive around just to see home. I like to see the town, how its changed and am always surprised at how its become a suburb of Atlanta. I remember when the only thing to do was cruise Newton Plaza, go to El Charros, drink at the water tower or hang out at the Waffle House. I've lived all over the world and now that I live in Massachusetts I realize the greatness that is down to Earth Southern people. I wanted so very much to get out of that hick town but as I get older I'd gladly move back there in a heart beat.

By no mean is the above list all inclusive, to quote Shrek..."I am an onion" but I thought this might give you a shotgun blast about me.

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