Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hate the chafe? Then do I have the product for you!

Look, if you're an athlete you know about chafe. No, matter how great the clothes are or how fit you are, eventually you're clothing is gonna bind up or pinch or you're going to fill your clothes with so much salt that pursuing your desired activity will be an effort in how long you can feal with wearing sandpaper. Base of the neck, nipples, groin and your naughty bits will all eventually succumb to the chafe monster. Now we all have been told by that "best buddy" how to deal with chafe: band aids, baby oil, vaseline or just "suck it up". None of those options work particularly well and because of that fact I've been on the hunt for ANYTHING that could help me out. I suffer the double indemnity of never finding clothes that fit me so well I won't chafe (I could run in spandex but really, who wants to see that?) and I also sweat salt by the tons. So I recently stumbled across this product made by Everstride.

Now at fist glance, or use, it might remind you of another popular anti-chafe stick on the market, Bodyglide. Here's the issue I have with that product: it feels greasy and cakey (is that even a word? well, it is now). Its hard to put on and is very difficult to clean off/out. Bad enough when its on me or my clothes but as a triathete I need this stuff everywhere and the gross build up of it in my wetsuit, cycling and running shoes eventually led to my having to throw them away. No such issue with Everstride's stick! Easy to put on, it goes on dry with a nice firm stroke, no mess NO chafing and SO easy to clean up. I use it on me, my clothes (yup, on the neck if shirts and along the pesky seams of shorts) on the openings of both cycling and running shoes and on my wetsuit. This stuff is FANTASTIC! I keep a stick with me all the time and getting caught on a windy, dry day for a 10k in New Mexico I even used it on my face and lips! I really can't endorse this product (and to be honest, all of Everstride's products) enough. Its obvious that this is a company that cares about and creates products FOR athletes.

I want to share the love too so if you comment on this post you'll be entered into a drawing for an Everstride gift pack. Tweet the link to this post and 'cc me "@rangerdutch" and you get 2 entries. Its just that easy. Good luck!

*update* I just realized that in my excitement to share the greatness that is Everstride's product, I didn't put an "end date" on this contest! Ok, so this contest will end on the 31st of January.


  1. Great review, great blog, great giveaway! :)

  2. Interesting I had some similar problems with the other products you mentioned, but the worst part is sitting on something after applying it then trying to clean up - makes TheWife a bit hissy about that time. Seems like an interesting product.

  3. This is a great review! I would love to try it and am now a new follower of your blog.

  4. Interesting, I'd never heard of it. I've always used BodyGlide, but never had trouble with it being cakey. My biggest problem areas are my feet for chafing and blisters.

  5. I hate to rain on another parade, but for 10 years I have been manufacturing a product called Squeaky Cheeks, and reading, listening and hearing this same claim. Why did we create Squeaky Cheeks and what the heck is it?

    As usual, necessity is the mother of invention. We are folks from all walks of life and realize that no matter what, everybody gets hot and everybody sweats. Whether you are a serious athlete, avid outdoorsmen, soccer mom or just a dang hard worker we understand the need to prevent and heal skin irritation, eliminate odor, and reduce sweat and moisture. Our busy lives dictate all sorts of activities and we cannot afford any downtime due to; well… those issues you don’t talk about at parties. So wherever life takes you, we want you to be comfortable and enjoy our time outdoors.

    “Skin Irritation, Stinky Shoes and Underoos” are things you just don’t talk about. Until one day, we all sheepishly admitted it was a real pain! We tried everything, but hated the "slick" greasy products that felt “squishy” and were a total mess, and the powders that exist on the market are just that… powder. They cake up, fall off and only last a very short time. We needed something that was talc free, all natural, and held up to the rigors of daily activities. We wanted all day protection, all day odor elimination, and a true natural healer.

    It took 3 years to perfect our formula! Squeaky Cheeks feels good, smells great, heals, and lasts all day.

    I am not claiming that this will cure all problems, but I have had many people use it for a variety of reasons. I literally have never met anyone who does not LOVE it! We have been around for 10+ years and have many happy customers from all across the world that not only use it when they exercise, but every day, WHY? Because it works!!!