Thursday, May 17, 2012

My goals and vision...

So one of the very cool things I learned about Lululemon is their corporate vision. They are all about empowering and promoting (both in the company and for life) their employees and that even includes their ambassadors. I got to sit down with a life coach and put my thoughts to paper about what I see as my goals and vision for the future. I have to admit, I have  tons of goals but have never taken the time to put them on paper. Well, that changed with my "homework" of doing so after the session. I have LOTS more goals to include but this is kind of what bubbled to the top. I also thought I'd include the thoughts behind the goals.

1 year goal:
- I work in a new job that deals with sports or in the sports industry - June 2013
While I like my current job, my heart lies in the sports industry. I really think its my passion and where my energy is best spent.
- I am a paid motivation/leadership speaker -   November 2012
I constantly hear that I'm, or my story, is an inspiration. I love talking to people about the sports/active/healthy lifestyle and if I could help motivate people to get into it and realize the benefits, I think my life would have much more value

- I run my 1st Ultramarathon - July 2012
I have run all sorts of races in my life but Ironman and Ultramarathons seem like the "Mt. Everest" of races to do. I figure this year should be time for me to start climbing...
- I become a Bikram Yoga instructor - May 2013
I LOVE Bikram and on a few occasions have been approached about becoming an instructor. I think I'd be pretty good at it (see motivational speaker bullet)

- I visit the Coliseum in Rome - November 2013
At the risk of sounding silly, I have always thought I would've loved being a Roman Legionnaire and would've enjoyed living in Rome at the height of its success. The Coliseum represents that time to me and I have to see it and just stand at the epicenter of history
- I buy a smaller home and convert it to a completely "green/self sufficient" space - Dec 2013
I think most of us have homes that are bigger than we actually "need" and we'd all be better served to not only make them more efficient but actually give power BACK to the grid.

5 year goal: 
- I turn my one year lululemon ambassadorship into a full time gig - May 2013
I know that ambassadorships normally last a year and you continue to be part of the "family" but I'd love to make this a full time or long term job. I love the company and how they think, I love the running/yoga clothes for men and I'd LOVE to be a part of creating a cycling line
- I help open the 1st lululemon store in Paris - November 2013
So for me, this is a "multi-task'ed" goal. I love Paris (my mother is a Parisian after all), go there as often as possible, hope to continue to work inside the Lululemon company and help it expand and I need a push to re-hone my French speaking skills because I am out of practice.

- I completed my 1st Ironman Triathlon - November 2016
Like I said earlier, this race and Ultramarathons are "Everest" and I see my completion of an Ultra as a stepping stone to an Ironman. And...I HAVE to get over this fear I have about swimming...
- I will ride the L'Alpe d'Huez stage from the Tour de France - May 2014
This been one of my life long dreams. If you follow the Tour de France, you'd know that this is one of the "holy grail" stages: 21 famed switchbacks of a monumental climb. Tours have been won and lost on that climb. I desperately want to know what its like.

- My writing/artwork is used by company or published in a magazine or book - Oct 2015
I love to write and draw. Some of my work has been published in small scale but I can't even imagine what it would be like to see a book printed with my name on it or a piece of my artwork on something.
- I organize and manage a local 5k race - June 2014
I think based on all the lessons I've learned from racing, and my Army background in planning and execution as a leader, I would be a great race director. I think a 5k would be perfect for my first "foray" into being a race director and there are LOTS of causes out there that could use the event to raise money and awareness. I'd love to set up a series of races that benefit the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

10 year goal:
- I open/run a gym/studio that caters to training and supporting multisport athletes - Jun 2021
I love to train, I love multi-sports and I love promoting the pursuit of them in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle... seems like a no brainer to me.
- I have my own line of cycling clothes - July 2019
I think that current cycling gear is way too expensive and could be better. I'd love to put my cycling experience and program management skills into creating a line of multi-sport/racing cycling clothes we could all afford and enjoy.

- I'm a 3 time Ironman - October 2022
I mean who climbs "Everest" once?!
- I'm a "Badwater Ultramarathon" finisher - June 2019
If I get good at Ultras, then this is "the" one on everybody's list. Its all about testing myself!

- I own a 2nd residence in Toulouse France - June 2020
Remember when I said I'm French, love Paris and I'm a HUGE fan of the Tour de France? 'Nuff said.
- Every summer I travel to France to follow and ride along the Tour de France - July 2021
See bullet above 
My Vision for my life 10 years from now: A take on what my life will be like.

I wake up in my eco-friendly, self sustaining, “smart” home on the outskirts of a major city. I start my mornings in my “in home-multisport gym” surrounded by trophies that I’ve won racing and signed multi-sport memorabilia. A quick meal prepared by a rotation of healthy minded international chefs that stop by and cook for me and my day can begin. While I enjoy working from home, I love to work outof my office in my multi-sport gym. Giving and feeding off the positive energy from my friends and clients training there makes everyday a joy. The facility has bike trainer rooms, endless pools, cardio/weight equipment, an indoor track and a staffed food bar/kitchen. I’ve honed my chef skills and have been known to whip up a healthy French inspired meal or two for friends/clients during the day. My gym and home base have become a “mecca” in the local sport scene. I host a number of races and weekend training events throughout the year, invite well known athletes to conduct clinics and am always happy to help those just starting out or needing a push in order to get a positive attitude toward fitness, sport and a healthy lifestyle.

My year is spent focused on training and racing,from 5ks to ultramarathons. I July I fly off to Paris and then to my house in ToulouseFrance to follow the Tour de France and do the “pre stage” rides for the month.I’m excited to see pro’s in the peloton wearing my cycling clothing. Having helped with getting the first Lululemon store on the Champs-Elysees in Paris gives me a perfect excuse to drop in and see how the store is doing. While there I metfamily and friends, visit and catch up on the latest European trends and thelocal sports scene. After the Tour de France is over, I fly back to the states to continue my motivational speaking tour. Travel for that allows me to continue my quest to race a marathon in every state and be competitive on the Ironman Triathlon scene. I’ve finished 5 Ironman events to date, having placed on the podium in my age group but I’m still striving for that top 50 finish.

I’m focused on promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle with “fitness as the foundation” and surround myself with a “community” of like minded people (family, friends, loved ones). 

That's what I'm thinking. Feel free to either weigh in with your thoughts or use this as an idea of how to map out goals and a vision for yourself. I think you'll find it a pretty powerful tool in order to give you focus.


  1. Wow I read each and every word. These are AMAZING and INSPIRING goals!! I want to complete an Iron Man too and go to France to ride. Can't wait to read about your journey!

  2. Thank you so much! I apologize for the sentence and grammatical errors. I guess in my haste to post I missed a few. Ugh. I really wanted to set the bar high in order to challenge myself. I'm glad I shared them because now people will hold me accountable! I look forward to sharing every time I accomplish a goal on the list.

  3. These are really wonderful life goals. I hope each and every one hold true for you!

  4. Thank you, I'm gonna try my hardest to make them happen! :)