Monday, July 9, 2012

The Mill City Triathlon..a race revisited...

As I said before, I didn't do a single Triathlon last year. I was primarily focusing on running and Duathlon events. Partly because I enjoy them and partly because I hate swimming (okay, mostly because I hate swimming). This year I've made a concerted effort to fix that by spending more time in the pool and focusing on form instead focusing on "not drowning". The Marlborough Tri, even though it was a split transition (which I now hate by the way) was the first time I really felt comfortable in the water and I've been trying to build on that.

I know the course at Mill City pretty well (it’s the same area a number of 5ks and 10ks are held), its relatively flat and other than the swim I dig the event. This race was the one that got me back into Triathlon and it went less than well. The last time I did this Tri was 2 years ago where my anger in the water led to a dislocated rib that I had to deal with through the rest of the race (I popped it back in while in aero on the bike). Ugh, talk about being fueled by anger! So I knew I HAD to do this course again!

587 yard swim – 8:37
J was racing too so I had someone to cut up and splash around with in the water before the start of our waves. It was so nice to not have a sense of dread in the water. The men started last and I wanted to just focus on good form and breathing…and not being last out of the water. MUCH to my surprise, I not only passed guys in my wave but caught and started passing the waves ahead of me! Really? Is that even possible?! Me?! The course was out and back and I hit the buoy feeling comfortable and relaxed. Maybe this extra swimming this is paying off! I have to admit, I was actually smiling in the water. For the first time I left the water not gasping for air or gassed...actually feeling good. The run into T1 was about 200 meters, I got in and through easily in 2:14 and headed out on the bike.

13 mile bike – 36:54, 21.1mph
Like I said, the course is relatively flat. As soon as I got out of transition I got in aero and kept a turning over a high rpm ensuring I was staying around 21mph on the course. Barring the one guy ahead of me that swerved into the path of an SUV , the course was uneventful…just like I like it. I just kept finding people in front of me to pass and kept my eye on my speed. I felt good throughout the bike, making sure I fueled and hydrated (it was a warm day). Coming into transition however was a different story. I didn’t realize that coming into transition I was 19th overall…which meant there were no bikes in transition…which meant I couldn’t find my rack spot to save my life. Add in that when I did find my spot, I knocked over the rack setting in my bike. Ugh. To add insult to injury, while putting on my shoes, the guy who was set up next to me knocked the rack down when he went to set in his bike. Double ugh. Even with all that I still managed a 1:25 transition and headed out on the run.
4 mile run – 29:37, 7:24 pace
Even though I've been adding in runs after my training rides, my legs felt like mush coming off the bike and I didn't get into a good pace until a half to three quarters of a mile in. Luckily, I had people in front of me to focus on and before I knew it my pace was coming down and I was passing people. I started to feel good and get into a nice pace…at mile 3. I finished in 1:23:31, 16th overall, 3rd in my new age group and ended up shaving 9 minutes off my course time from my last the last race. A pretty good day that I’m happy to say ended with my being happy with the performance. I was excited to place. Yes, I enjoy setting PR's but I enjoy placing well against my peers even more. I was stoked with my swim, the bike was good and the run was ok. There’s always room for improvement and that run should’ve been faster but I was focused less on pace then trying to pick off people in front of me. I’m getting faster and I did pick up some bling. The next 3 weeks are filled with a 5 miler, 10k and then my Ultra…but after those I HAVE to get in another Tri.


  1. That's awesome! Congrats!! Nice job keeping up some great paces!

  2. Thank you! I was focused on racing at the best of my ability :)

  3. Thank you! I was focused on racing at the best of my ability :)