Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We are runners

We are runners,
We wake up at 5am to get training runs in,
We squeeze training runs in at lunch,
We get in the gym late at night to make sure we get the needed mileage on the day,
We spend tons of money on training gear/food/shoes,
We run with our training partners and friends to push them...and oursleves,
We run in the heat, cold, rain and wind becuase that is what has to be done,
We fly all over the world to participate and be a part of races with other runners,
We wear our race shirts and clothing with pride...for years,
We revel in each other's successes,
We console each other when we fail,
We are a part of the "running family",
Running binds us all, makes us stonger and is somehitng the people that did this horrible, spineless attack in Boston will never understand,
We are runners