Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why I made the change...

I've had a ton of people over the last few months ask me why I've become a "Cervelo guy". Most everyone that knows me knows that I've been on Trek's carbon fiber bikes since they came to prominence after Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France on a Trek 5500 back in 1999.  Before that I was a "die hard" Bianchi Italian steel guy. So why the changing over time? No, contrary to popular belief I am NOT sponsored by Cervelo nor get some "deal" to ride their bikes (good God I wish that were the case! Cervelo, if you're reading this and feel the urge to sponsor an old, fluffy, multisport athlete with bikes...I'm your huckleberry!) It's all about performance, performance, performance! I want a machine that can leverage the best of technology and material. Bianchi did it with steel, Trek did it first with carbon fiber...and Cervelo is now the industry leader when it comes to carbon fiber, aero, performance bikes.

I first and foremost love speed! I'm a time trial cyclist at heart that's now a multisport athlete. I need a bike that will give me as much of an advantage against the wind while providing me the most efficient, powerful transfer of pedal stroke...so I went with the Cervelo P1 for my aero bike and later upgraded it with a P2. The P1, an aluminum bike, was ridden to cycling world titles! Want to know if the "P" line has chops? The Garmin Cervelo cycling team won the Team Time Trial at the Tour de France on "P" series steeds. That performance has translated into the multisport world and the bikes perform just as well there. Wonder if my thinking is solitary? Next time you're at a triathlon, just look around the transition area...Cervelo P2's, P3's. P4's and the new P5's (imagine a the stealthiest of jet fighters...with wheels) are EVERYWHERE. Ridden to winning results by amateurs and pro's alike.

So...when it came time for an upgrade for my road bike...I knew I'd want an "aero" road bike that could apply the fundamentals of cheating the wind like a tri bike in addition to being a great road bike...and the S5 is just that! Yes, I'm a multisport guy but 90% of my training is done on a road bike. Why? Well for one I'm not made of money and if I crash my P2 during the season I can't just run out and get another one for race day. Secondly, I need to train for speed and strength on the bike. That comes from jump out of the saddle intervals and long slow climbing, neither of which an "aero" bike does very well. The S5 does both fantastically! If you know me...you know...I HATE hills. I mean punch a baby in the face kind of hate! But the S5 makes me want to climb. The last few rides have been me throwing myself up one hill after another and barreling through the downhills and flats afterwards...all with a childish glee on my face. I now have another bike option for those hilly dauthlon/traithlon course that would tax a TT bike and dare I say it...I also have a "race ready" bike if I want to renew my US Cycling Federation license and race criteriums and such! Rather than try to fumble my way through explaining why the bike is as awesome as it is, I figure I'll let the great folks at Cervelo do that in the above video.

See? Now go out and test ride one...and BUY IT! You'll love it just like I do.

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