Saturday, December 14, 2013

Body issues...

Body of the tenets of lululemon (for the employees and ambassadors) is to do something that scares you everyday. Well it doesn't get any scarier than this for me. Anyone who knows me will tell you I NEVER take my shirt off...EVER.

But...I was struck by none other than my own my brother (10 years my senior and 60lbs overweight) telling me he doesn't have the time or is able to "have that athlete body like little brother". He's had less injuries than me, he's smarter than me, we have the same genetics but he says I have the build people should want. Me?

I hear the litany of excuses from my brother that I hear from coworkers, friends and everyone else. It can't be done. "This" body comes from my driving myself in the ground training and racing while watching EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth. Because I want to be in the best health in order to have a healthy, better quality of life. And still I don't have that vaunted 6 pack (although I do admit I take great pride in passing those who do on race day). Actually, according to my Tanita bodyfat scale and other scales, I'm at 18% bodyfat. Well ain't that a kick in the head!

I think it's interesting that my female athlete friends can talk about how another woman has better breasts, flatter stomach, or better body...while they look great themselves...but we men can't think or feel the same way. 

Well...I'm 41, I'm a triathlete and this is my body. It's not the body I want. I've broken it. I've healed it (or at least tried my best to). I race 20 plus races a season on it. I swim, I bike, I run, I lift, I do yoga with it. That grin isn't because I'm happy with where I'm's because I'm happy about where I'm going...


  1. Kudos! Once I started focusing on performance rather than how I look everything seemed to fall in place.