Sunday, September 7, 2014


After watching the documentaries "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and "Food Inc" I was reminded of absolutely how out of touch our mass market food sources are. In this day and age where you walk into a supermarket and have no idea where your food comes from...or how it's been treated/handled/harvested...or you find out that companies responsible for pesticides and Agent Orange like Monsanto are in the food business...its time to get back to food you know! 

I'm rapidly becoming a fan of OHIO (only handled it once) food. Get on the internet and do a search for local farms. Go visit them and look in their "stores". I love opening the door to their food case and asking where the items come have the owner point outside to pens, coops and fields and say "right out there". Not only is it "made" there but...its FRESH! Local farm bureaus and co-ops share and sell each other's food. And it's good, really good. Ya, that's milk from a local a GLASS bottle. Order what meat you want ahead of time and mass raising in feed lots go away (one of the major attributed cause of the issues with our mea
t sources). Change the way you shop and what you're eating. Take the time to know your food source and support local farmers

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