Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My gut...oh the horror

I keep hearing everyone talking about fasted cardio. Training first thing in the morning on an empty stomach...ya, in the Army we called that "every morning". I swore off morning training when I left the Army but in trying to change up my normal routine I thought I'd give it a shot. 

I've been suffering from the same kind of symptoms I had before my emergency appendectomy. For what reason I can't even begin to explain. What's crazy is that whether I eat a small salad or a 10 course meal I feel the same way...bloated, suffering from GI issues and feeling like crap. I'd hoped a long run on an empty stomach might help, no dice. That 6 miles was not enjoyable. My gut was killing me through the whole run and that pace shows it. Guess it's time to call the docs again.

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