Sunday, November 11, 2018

Hello old friend

Ok, so...two things. 

1: this is the LifeCycle 9500HR. As you can see, the sitting posture on this machine is way more aggressive than newer versions. It’s way closer to the stretched out aero position of a tribike and I love it. I can’t find these in gyms anymore (because the newer versions are more upright and comfortable...blah) but I was lucky to hit the one gym that still has one. When I first got back into triathlon years ago, that I started training in the winter, I spent HOURS on this bike. Tonight was like sitting in an old friend. You know what I mean. 

2: if you know me, I have a lot of trouble with “moderation”. And getting back to training is as much about training your heart as training your muscles. The bulk of tonight’s workout was lower HR. I need to do more workouts like this. Ugh. This slow-build, “moderation” thing is gonna kill me. I want nothing more than to kick my ass on a long back ride or run. Soon, I hope.

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