Friday, September 27, 2013

Every day...every motherfucking day!

You are better than you think, you are tougher than you think, you are stronger than you think. The only thing that separates an "athlete" from a "normal" person is the drive to get their ass up off the couch and turn themselves inside out to be better. Pain isn't a bad thing, pain reminds you that you're alive. Injury pain is one thing, soreness pain is another. The problem is most people are so accustomed to just sitting on their asses everyday, they have idea how to tell the difference. Quit listening to the voices in your head that tell you that you "can't" do it and instead scream back that you "can"! You don't have to circumnavigate the world, traverse the continents, discover a new civilization, conquer a're greatest accomplishment will come from conquering yourself....being the master of your own body. Its not a quick fix, its not something to be done with pills or surgery or radical diets..its a journey that you take one step toward every day...every motherfucking day!

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