Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Topo Athletic RX...the gym shoes let me grip it and rip it!

I was lucky enough to get a package in the mail the other day from Topo Athletic. It included their "RX"
training shoe...specifically designed for the challenge of dynamic gym exercises and/or "crossfit like" workouts.

At first glance the shoes are a little crazy looking with the split toe design but after sliding them on (with the provided pair of spilt toe socks made by Injinji), you barely notice it at all. The shoe is wicked light weight and very breathable and really feels almost sock-like instead of a traditional "shoe". The shoes are zero drop with great support but little cushioning, which I thought would translate well to getting traction and power in the gym...and then hit the gym...

I figured it was high time I got back into dynamic lifting in the gym so it was a session of deadlifts, squats, single leg presses, bent over barbell rows, clean and jerks, box jumps, standing military press. I wanted to try all the exercises I'd avoided because I never felt comfortable because I never felt like I had solid "anchor footing" (you know, when you squat or lunge and watch your feet do that wobble in your shoes as they trying to get settled?)...until now...holy sh*t these shoes awesome!!!

For the first time in memory I felt like I had a solid base to grip and rip from through all of these exercises. Thats due in part to the split toe design (I could actually feel my toes "open" to grip the floor), the mid-foot strap for lateral stability and partly from the great arch support with no cushion (which lead me to the sensation of being "connected" right to the ground for stability). That translated to jumping rope and cone agility skills training too. Because of these shoes I'm happily back the three gym/lift sessions a week.

I have to admit I had my reservations about the shoe and its design and whether or not I'd like it. I dont like it...I LOVE IT!!! You got to get a pair for yourself and try them out. Now I gotta go build some go sticks...

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