Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sometimes you just have to do it...

I recently watched a piece on the news about the best way to get over the "blahs" of this drawn out winter is to go do things even though you DON'T WANT to do them. I find that to be very true living up her in New England. The extreme cold and early darkness just makes you want to curl up under the blankets and read or book...or!.

Well, I did NOT want to go I grabbed my lululemon cold weather run gear, strapped on my new Topo Athletic MT trail shoes (which I was lucky enough to get in the mail from them...I mean what better way to get fired up for a run than a new pair of shoes?!)...and hit the trail. And...the snow had melted away and I could even see the trail for a change. There were still a few ice patches...that my butt seemed to find quite easily though. A 5 mile run certainly helped. Even though it was an 8 min/mile pace (I want to blame that on the rolling hills and poor footing...) it was a clear, 28 degree day and a run in the books. It was a struggle to get through 5 miles but I have to say I felt better for getting it done. Now to keep focusing on getting things done!

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