Monday, June 22, 2015

I mean...I HAD to go try a run to see if I was healing up

Look, I'm not going to lie...not running is killing me. Yes I can swim, lift and bike (although biking is a challenge) but nothing help me feel fit and trim like running. It was such a nice day out that I couldn't spend another day inside training.

What I had planned was to do a 1 to 1.5 mile "test run" to see if my toes could take it. I went with a pair of my Topoathletic shoes because they're a "natural" running shoe with a wider toe box and man I never understood what that really meant until now. Even busted up, my toes felt good with the more room.

I started out with an easier pace just trying to focus on body position and turnover to see how uncomfortable running would be. Because I cant roll off the end of the foot, I was running with a shallower step and that's what got me in trouble. I didn't see the "rise" in the pavement and caught the tip of my left foot on it. It caught me by complete surprise and it went down hard. I didn't do my normal "tuck and roll" fall and ended up taking off the top of my knee, a good chunk of my elbow and the skin off both palms (thanks goodness I didn't break a collarbone)! And not even at the 1/2 mile mark!!!

Well, what was going to be an "easy test run" turned into a rage driven, adrenaline fueled, expletive filled screaming in my head, 4 miler. The good thing about the fall is that pain made me forget all about my least for a little while. But after I stopped..wowza! Ya, I'll be enjoying a large glass of bourbon later.

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