Sunday, July 17, 2016

I'm not like everyone else...I'm worse

I'm like everyone else. Well, actually I'm way worse. I berate myself for every workout or lack of workout I've done. Are the training events too intense? Not intense enough? Am I fit enough? Too fat? Am I tired, run down or just being lazy? In the cycling/swimming/triathlete world I am not the exception to the rule...I'm just better at self doubt than most. 

But, it's always about learning and getting better. I have been struggling to get back in some type of training rythm and was hoping to get a real long run in today. How long? 7 miles sounded good on paper. But, after realizing I was a lil smoked from yesterday's swim and that the day was getting hotter than expected, I cut the run to 5 miles and I throttled back to a 8:55 pace to get through it. Then, taking the time to walk, stretch and cool off post run rather than just stopping. Little things, little wins.

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