Sunday, June 19, 2016

You can't start over...unless you actually wipe the slate clean.

The problem with starting all over is its impossible unless you wipe the slate clean. I normally show (1) in my posts, but I normally run tired and driven by my brain (2), when I should be just listening to my body (3) with every workout. Even though I tell everyone else that after you have a layoff you need to ease yourself back in and old times/speeds don't count...I am always holding myself to old times and speeds...not listening to my body...and ending up more workout or injured because of it. Ya, I know, insert eye roll there. So even though I had hoped to get a 6 miler in today, the heat and the ride from yesterday seemed to take a took its toll so I decided to cut the run short. A smart move and one that I rarely do. Normally I just tell myself "toughen up p**sy" and fight through it in order to get the mileage on the schedule...regardless of how detrimental it might be, because I'm trying to get all my fitness back in one session. Yes, I know how dumb that sounds but somehow it makes sense in my head. It's always about learning and growing as an athlete. Who knows, maybe I finally am?!

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