Thursday, March 23, 2017

Work hard fuel

Nice to feel like I had a real workout in the gym. 45mins on the bike followed by another 45min cardio lift. Finished up with heavy sets of single arm dumbbell rows to build them archery pulling muscles!

Being motivated to push myself and have a tough workout wasn't hard because a friend of mine is part of a new company sent me a sample of their new pre-workout. Sweet baby Jesus this WIDSTRONG product is the heat! Literally. And talk about a lil dab'll to ya...1/2 a tbsp is the serving size. Great taste, not gritty, dissolves completely 8oz cold water.
Didn't make me shake or upset my stomach before, during or after workout. It got me fired up to workout and I sweated gallons. No shakes, no HR fluctuations, just solid fuel to power a workout. Ya, loving this stuff! Just what I need to get back at it

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