Thursday, April 6, 2017

No rest for the fluffy...

Well, I stumbled across this new preworkout by Widstrong called "Oro Extreme" and  it's..tha..heat!!! Trust me, take this and you'll be tearing down the walls to go train. 

I want to test the hip so I why not do a brick? Right? Right! A solid bike getting in 20 miles (I'm gonna have to work to get a faster turnover and get that speed back up) and then onto the treadmill for a 15min run. It almost felt like the good old days...almost. No, no speed there but I am starting from ground zero post surgery and it's great to just be running again! Of course I get cleared and it's been nothing but snow or rain here but I'm chomping at the bit for an outdoor run. I can't even begin to describe mentally how much better I feel now that I can run again...and with NO pain whatsoever. Yes!

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