Monday, April 24, 2017

Oh ya, bricks

The day did not go to plan but at
least I got a solid workout in. I wanted to do a brick workout today  to see how the hip (and me) would hold up to some real exercise. So a solid 21 miles on the bike and then over to the treadmill for a 2mi run (I guess I need to wear a foot pod because that that distance is wrong from just the watch) while watching Ironman coverage.

But Dutch you say, it was a beautiful day in MA, why didn't you train outside? Ah, because in the gym I can "control" my environment and since I'm just getting into the build phase of training, inside workouts keep me from overdoing it or going all out and running the risk of hurting myself or suffering a setback. And let's be honest right now, my psyche is a little to fragile to deal with anything that would derail my training.

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