Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Focus on the "ups"...

Life, and training, is indeed all about the ups and downs. Honestly, lately, both have seemed more of the latter. While I'm healed up and can get back to running and riding, I honestly don't have the motivation. That's because of the need to rebuild my "base" mileage just to get me back to the pint of where I can then work hard to get to me level of training and competition...that I had before the injury and the following couple years of dealing with it...so I can get back to the point where I was before the hip injury.

Yes, I'm very happy that I'm pain free and the healthiest (no injuries) I've been in years it's just some days the task ahead is daunting and it sucks the energy and desire right out of time. Well, it all starts with that first step each day and then making yourself do more and more. Let me see if I cant catch up on a few steps right now...and get some more in the bank! 

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