Sunday, July 16, 2017

Maybe a little more difficult than I thought

I have an idea for Polar for a new campaign. I think they should go with #wheredoesyourhearttakeyou. Polar products can now be used for almost every sport and training and heart rate/recovery are the key to any athletes' success. Right? Right?! I call it. Well, after getting motivated by watching the Tour and it being a beautiful Sunday here in MA, my heart was into taking a ride. I felt great the first hour, keeping a comfortable 19-20mph pace and thought "why not throw in hills the next hour"? Oh what a terrible idea that was. First time I've spent 2hrs in the saddle in over a year...oh my you could heard me pop from miles away. Completely smashed my bags and made it back home on vapors. That repaired hip isn't too happy which I'm hoping to attribute to the first hard climbing since the surgery. But a hard training ride done! Somebody asked me about selfies. Ya, that bike and gear are way sexier than I could ever be.

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