Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Please don’t stop the music…

Ever notice that when you’re in the gym either lifting, on the treadmill, doing cardio, a spin class or whatever…there’s ALWAYS music going? The one constant across all of exercise (even in the pool now, yes waterproof music players and headphones…crazy), is that music has become the “rhythm” of our training life. Everyone who spends any time sweating has a music player nearby and has their playlist of choice queued up and ready to go for the sweat fest. You’ll notice that every image I snap in the gym I’m wearing headphones. I use music as my motivator to get through the hours of training I log. 

My go to playlist is “Bloody Nose” and includes:

Ladies and Gentleman, Saliva
Cochise, Audioslave  
Feuer Frei, Rammstein
“Till I collapse, Eminem
Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked, Cage the Elephant
Pretty Handsome Awkward, The Used
Remember the Name, Fort Minor
Name of the Game, The Crystal Method
Warrior, Nelly
Hell Above Water, Curve
Pornstar Dancing, My Darkest Days (featuring Ludacris)  
Mercenary, Panic at the Disco

Ya, it’s a little diverse but I’m all about good rhythm/baselines to keep my tempo up while training. And that’s just one of my playlists. I don’t have the time to break down my “No Rest for the Fluffy”, “Death on Two wheels”, “No Excuses” or “STFU” playlists.
What’s cool is Polk Audio (yes, the award winning high end audio product manufacturer) recognizes how music impacts our life and has started “The Love Music Project”. The online project is aimed at getting people to share stories of their personal relationships with music. The site (accessible by computer, tablet or smart phone) allows users to upload their music “love story” and then push it across social media. Everyone who uploads content will be entered to win a pair of Polk UltraFocus 8000 noise cancelling headphones (a $349 value).  Not to mention your video will get posted alongside a couple of big athletes that use music to fuel their life, Ultra Marathon runner Josh Cox and Baltimore Ravens wife receiver Torrey Smith. Cool right?!

So, as a little incentive to get you to check them out and post a video of your very own…I have a CONTEST! Each entry gets you into a drawing for a $50 gift code for you to use at the Polk online store!!! How do you get an entry you ask? Well, a comment below will get you an entry. You can share the post on Facebook, tweet a link to this blog with the hashtag (#lovemusic), with me in ‘cc (@rangerducth) and with “I wanna win” in the tweet…and…you get an entry EVERY TIME you tweet it. Winner will be picked by random number generator.

Don’t forget to check out Polk Audio on FaceBook (, Twitter (@polkaudio, hashtag #lovemusic), and Instagram (@polk_audio). And to quote Shakespeare…”if music be the fruit of love…play on”

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