Friday, July 19, 2013

Just Do It!

Yes, I know its a hokey motto but some days it just fits. I host a run club every week. I can always count on the fact that no matter the weather, my peeps Natascia and Cassie will always be there to join me and push me on the run. This week was no different. In the midst of 90 plus degree weather and heat advisories not only did I get messaged that they'd be there...but that they wanted to get there early to get extra mileage in! What? Like I gonna say no!

After coming in from our first "lap" to see if anyone else was there to join us for run club (no one showed up), the three of us took a quick sip of water and headed out into the inferno again. Was it hot? Yes! Muggy? Yes! Would I rather have been eating cake in air conditioning? HELL YES! But I thank these girls for giving me the push to get out and log the miles. We registered negative splits and the last 1/2 mile was run at race pace! Not to mention, after having to deal with the ridiculous heat of Syracuse for race day...I need to get out and run (smartly mind you) in the heat. Having great training partners pays off. Thanks ladies!


  1. I definitely wouldn't have been able to brave those temps without you and Natascia! We rocked it. Thank YOU :)