Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It ain't gonna get better

So...when you go see your spine guy...and he reminds you that the pain has to/can be managed but will never go away because of the damage you've done to yourself. Seems that breaking my back years ago...and the vertebrae and pelvis mending a couple millimeters off, means that with activity and age I'm just grinding away the disks and subsequently the vertebrae too.

The only way to "fix it", and it's not really a fix, it to fuze the back. But, because of my level of activity and relative young age, the fuzing will just lead to extra strain on the rest of my back and lead to further deterioration.

So, the only real option is to get as light as possible and hyper build my core and surrounding back muscles in order to provide support and lessen the load on the back.

Well, time to dig deeper and push onward, harder. I used to have an old 1SG that used to say "...pain is never a bad thing. Pain reminds you that you're alive". Indeed it does...time to make some pain

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