Saturday, December 24, 2016

Maybe this is gonna work out afterall...

Look at this, not the guy walking by that photobombed me...but me!

A solid hour on the bike today and the hip feels pretty darn good. At this pint I can't have any resistance but its nice to be able to do something  and burn some calories while getting blood flow and movement in the hip for rehab while NOT suffering any strain or pain.

Kinda funny, the guy beside me on the bike asked me what I was recovering from and then asked if I've had any other injuries or surgeries...I recapped all of my injuries and surgeries over the years...and the look of horror on his face as I rattled off the list was hilarious. Then he asked me my age. I kind of forget how old and beat up I am. Hahaha Well, it's always about focusing on dong what you can and moving forward.

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