Friday, December 23, 2016

I freaked out a little, but I got better...

I'm not gonna lie, after the doc freaked out (at my follow up appointment to take out my stitches) about how much I was already doing...and that I was off crutches...I kinda lost my mind.

The thought of any more setbacks after the last 3 years...of set back after setback...was just devastating. Especially if another setback was caused by me doing too much. Of course, as is my MO, I went in the opposite direction and spent the next week only on crutches or laying down and being inactive. I spent the whole time worried that I've caused some damage and that I might not ever be able to get back to being "me" again. But, the doc did say that if I wasn't in pain and could do what I was doing...then I must not have hurt myself or undone any of the surgery repairs. I just couldn't do the be afraid thing anymore.  So today was 45mins on the bike (no resistance...I hate that) and then a 45min heavy lift, only with seated machines in order to not put any stress on the hip. Ya, I feel better.

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