Friday, December 2, 2016

Finally repaired, now on to recovery and getting back to being me

Well, a lil over 2 hours of surgery, femoral-pelvis repair/reshaping/resurfacing, labrum repair and I'm all done. The surgeon said he was happy with what he saw when he opened me up and with the surgery he doesn't see any issue with me getting back to Ironman training and racing...after a proper recovery of course. That's really exciting. I hadn't said anything before but we were concerned my Ironman racing might be over. I've got so much left to do and so many more races I want to do that I'm ecstatic that it's back on the table. He also got a kick out of the fact that I labeled my legs before showing up. Hahaha. It's all about having fun and a positive attitude no matter what you're doing. Is it wrong that I was excited to see my name on the hospital tracking board like in an episode of "House"?! Bwahahaha And, and, and he told me I can get on the bike on Tuesday. Sweet!!! Now, the rebuilding begins 

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